Revealed: The Jackson Dynasty Love Child – ABC News

Now we know! The identity of a mystery man who is rarely seen lurking within the shadows behind America’s most famous “Jackson Family” has been revealed.

“The secret lights of truth” became purely visible, as people were fascinated by the conspiracies, rumors, and misinformation circulated around the world concerning Michael Jackson Death”.

According to Northeastern News reporter, and The Jackson Camp, “There was never any deception, or fraud about the matter but is in fact none other than La Toya’s hidden love child son Oche Jackson who’s often been mistaken as her brother “The King Of Pop” in a series of head turning videos, while breaking his way into the music business.

For the first time since her child surfacing was exposed she has kept pretty quiet about the controversy, starring away all that tore their family apart over many years following up throughout 2009. It was only 7 years ago that Michael’s death slowed the motion of life’s very existence, striking tragedy to hearts all over the nation.

It was a very tuff situation for everyone, with things being much different, than they once were. However nothing but praise, and joy coming from his mother for Oche adjusting to his new life in pure heartwarming genuine sincerity something shared with the entire family.

Going back to the rumors during the year 1993 when Jack Gordon nearly killed Jackson, spilling out all his emotions on her, for some speculated pregnancy, and others lots of missing information as public are not made aware of a truth to the matter into the personal life of Hollywood celebrities for their own protection, and privacy.

The Long-Secret details of the affair Jackson had with another spouse is still unknown, but finally confirmed by the Jackson Family after embracing him. The Royal scandal of having an illegitimate child would surely have shattered her career in shame.

Hopefully this can be something great for her, and the family to work on their relationships figuring things out. Best of luck to La Toya, and Oche!

– Miri Gonzalez


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